Osteoporosis – fractures can be disastrous

The bones affected by OSTEOPOROSIS are very much fragile and break easily with minor injuries. Common fractures are at wrist, spine and hip.

  1. The fracture of lower end of radius at wrist, also known as Colles’ fracture is usually treated with plaster application and medications. Requirement of surgery is rare and only if fracture ends are not in good alignment.
Fracture at wrist

2. Fracture of vertebral body at spine occurs with fall on buttocks or on back. Commonly one vertebral body is compressed. Simple compression fracture, without any involvement of spinal cord, is treated with bed rest and medications. Serious injuries with neurological injury need more aggressive treatment including surgery.

3. Fracture of neck of femur at hip is very notorious as it usually needs surgery, which may be fixation using screws and plates or prosthetic replacement using metallic implants.

There are many known complications of hip surgery. Not all patients return to pre-injury life style. Few end up on bed or are wheel chair bound. Mortality rate is high in patients who are 70 years or older.

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