Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based system for education, training programs and information sharing between teachers and students or trainers and trainees. The system gives them the flexibility to access it from anywhere and at anytime. It works beyond geographical boundaries and it is not affected by time zones. That means authorized users have round-the-clock access to this unique system from their workplace or home.
The Learning Management System goes far beyond conventional classroom teaching & training. Every training session can be recorded, individual training requirements can be managed and training progress can be recorded. Most LMSs are web-based and facilitate “anytime, anyplace, at your own pace” access to learning content and administration.

A good LMS is full of rich features for education and training of students of various levels, from schools to universities. This is also used for training employees of organizations working in remote areas. The courseware of LMS has features like text, images, audio files, video files, assignments and tests with a variety of questions. Examination part of LMS is versatile having many features with confidentiality of questions, security, excellent admin controls on execution of tests, early and accurate results and post exam analysis of questions and candidates.


Learning Management Systems are being extensively used around the globe in schools, colleges, universities and other organisations. The use is extensive and includes Computer-Based Training and Computer Based Examinations. Initial efforts to get the application, its installation and training of faculty members appear to be tedious and time consuming. Preparation of customized courses for trainees is also another job. However in long run all these efforts prove to be worthwhile and not only time-saving but economical as well. The courses once prepared need updating with much minimal efforts, saving precious time of faculty members and trainers. Extensive and in-depth analysis is a very strong feature of LMS. Analysis is not only for parts of courseware, quiz questions and assignments but also for trainers and trainees.

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