How to Isolate COVID-19 Patient in a Small House?

Read in Urdu اردو میں پڑھیں

Those people who are in isolation in their home due to corona virus, they and their family members should not be frightened. Little more precautions will be required than normal people. Nothing to worry even if the affected person cannot isolated in a separate room.

  1. Patient should be given a bed in a corner of room
  2. His / her personal items should be separate and other family members should not use these items.
  3. Other persons should enter that room only if there is a dire need
  4. All persons in that room should put on masks continuously
  5. Wash hands repeatedly with soap and water
  6. In case of water shortage, every person should use sanitizer
  7. Family members should not dine with affected person
  8. Try to keep a distance of 6 feet from affected person
  9. If wash room / toilet is attached to the room and it is common for all, then wash with bleach and water after every use by affected person
  10. If the affected person gets symptoms like high fever, cough, body pains and specially difficulty in breathing then contact at numbers provided by provincial government (of Sindh) so that doctors can guide and in case of requirement the sick person can be transferred to quarantine centre at Hassan Square (Karachi) or in any other major hospital

Becoming Corona positive is not dangerous at all. More than 90% persons recover within two weeks and go to normal life. Those unfortunate persons who are affected severely or those who conceal the facts, are more vulnerable to the disease. If the affected person and family members, instead of concealing the fact, remain in telephonic contact with government doctors then there is no fear. Fever can be controlled by two tablets of paracetamol every 6 hours. Other medicines should not be used without doctor’s advice.

(These instructions can be further improved by other specialists of the field)

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