Joint Pain and Knee Replacement

In this blog post, I am going to present a video talk about the topic by a renowned and experienced knee surgeon, Prof. Syed Shahid Noor.

Prof. Syed Shahid Noor, (MBBS, FRCS, MSc) is attached to Liaquat National Hospital (LNH) Karachi since 2002. He is head of the department (HoD) of orthopaedic surgery at LNH. Dr. Shahid Noor is also a past president of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association. His special interest is in hip and knee replacement surgery.

In the video talk, Dr. Shahid Noor has discussed reasons of bone pains and its relation to diet and exercise. He has mentioned that lack proper diet and exercise results in weak bones which can fracture easily. For diagnosis BMD test is done which is repeated yearly.
He has particularly talked about knee pain and arthritis with various treatment options. Knee replacement surgery gives pain relief and improves life style.
Courtesy: Bone Guru

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