Cell Signalling (Part-II)

This video lecture is about communication of human cells with each other. This lecture is prepared for undergraduate medical students of first professional or foundation module of first semester. The topic is covered in two lectures, part 01 and 02. You have already seen first part and this one is second part.

Following are the learning objectives of these video lectures (parts 01 & 02)

  1. Define cell signalling
  2. Discuss the types of intercellular communications
  3. Explain the types and examples of direct intercellular communications
  4. Discuss various types of signal molecules
  5. Understand receptors and up & down regulation of the receptors
  6. Define signal transduction and discuss the effects produced by binding of signal molecule on trans membrane as well as on cytoplasmic and nuclear receptors.
  7. Discuss various second messenger systems
  8. Understand and explain what is meant by second messenger system

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