Osteoporosis – Causes and Treatment (Urdu Video) ہڈیوں کا بھربھرا پن ۔ اردو وڈیو

This Urdu video about osteoporosis was uploaded on YouTube by Bahwal TV on 15 October 2018

Calcium and Vitamin-D deficiency is very common and causes bone health problems like osteoporosis. Vitamin-D is good for many organs and functions of the body. It helps to maintain strong bones, helps in control of diabetes and blood pressure. Vitamin-D is also important for good immunity of the body. Unhealthy diet and inadequate sunlight exposure are important factors for vitamin-D deficiency.
Besides vitamin-D and calcium, hormones of body play major role in development of osteoporosis. In females hormones decrease at the time of menopause and result in osteoporosis, which is usually at the age of 50 years. In males osteoporosis usually starts at 65 years of age.
Lack of physical exercise is another most important factor contributing osteoporosis.
Diagnosis of osteoporosis is by DEXA scan. This has been declared “Gold Standard Test” by World Health Organization (WHO).
Osteoporotic bones are very fragile and can fracture with minor injuries. These fractures may be serious and may need operations.

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