National Licensing Examination (NLE) is mandatory to get the registration with Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) or to proceed and get registered anywhere in the world.

This examination has well calculated contents from all the curriculum you have studied. The only difference is that the cut off for pass out score has is much higher. Students need to work hard to achieve the higher percentage.

The first part consists of cognitive or theoretical knowledge. Our crash course comprises of limited number of lectures due to time constrains. We will give more importance to common topics. We will also try to cover the medical problems having high mortality and morbidity. The domain extends from first presentation, signs & symptoms for differential diagnosis, investigations, management and complications. Practice session will also be arranged.  Students also need to practice from other sources and MCQ books. It is essential to clear the theoretical part before proceeding to Clinical Skills domain.

The second part consists of demonstration of clinical and procedural skills. This again has two components. The first component is similar to undergraduate examinations. The cut off marks and pass out score are again much higher. Another important aspect is vital component of the examination. This comprises of components dealing with quick and vital decisions.  This must be passed with high accuracy.

We will arrange another short course to prepare for the second part.