Med Search UK (www.medsearchuk.com): This organization is UK based and involved in pharmaceutical and clinical research.

IMG Study Group of Canada is involved in preparation of doctors for MCCEE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination) and MCCQE (Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination). The organization is working for a decade and is backed by a very senior doctor who is dedicated for his work.

eServices (www.eservices.com.pk) is involved in online education system and e-learning with special interest for healthcare providers. A comprehensive LMS (Learning Management System) is the backbone of eServices.

Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation (www.afzaalfoundation.org) is an NGO working in the field of blood disorders in children. Majority of patients are suffering from thalassemia major and they are fully managed at this organization. Starting from diagnostics to blood transfusions and chelation, every thing is done under one roof.